What is that #1 skill? Is it a computer skill? Is it a project management skill? Is it an interpersonal skill?

Although I have those, none of those are the #1 VA Skill.

The #1 VA Skill, above all others, is this: The confidence in your ability to figure things out.

I will give you an example, and then I will share with youi how the confidence to discover answers is entrepreneurially life-saving.

EXAMPLE: I’m working with a client in another state, and both of us are working with a major company to bring a Conference to successful completion. He asked me to work with one of our company colleagues to make necessary changes to their website. His assumption: That I could work through our colleague’s computer to make the changes in a platform I know something about.

My question: Can I actually take control of someone else’s computer through GoToMeeting???

My go-to (no pun intended) answer to questions of any kind is always Google. Google knows everything. There is nothing I can ask that hasn’t been asked before. Answers abound. I swear, it’s like the angels singing!

Within literally 3 minutes, I had the answer to my question, and I communicated the answer to my colleague. The project was completed successfully within an hour.

Here is why the confidence to learn on the fly is so valuable: When you know that there is almost nothing you can’t do, there is almost nothing you can’t do! To your client, you become the go-to Answer Queen, the one who can take anything on and make it happen.

The other way to look at work is: I can only offer what I know. And that will hamstring you every time. Surprised? Don’t misunderstand me: I wouldn’t want to work with a brain surgeon who had never seen a brain. But what you need to be capable of is growing as you go.

The more you learn on this job, the more you will be able to market and know on the next one.

So, market what you know. Absolutely. But don’t ignore or underestimate WHO you are: someone who can research, figure things out, and bring your qualities and your smarts to the table. If that is who you are, don’t ignore it. If that is who you would like to be, those are qualities, attitudes and beliefs that can be acquired.

Those are important qualities. And as you get clients who can recognize those qualities, you will keep those clients.