Michael Arkfeld, Esq.

“I had the opportunity to work closely for over 7 months with Lori on sponsorship recruitment, marketing with a specific focus on increasing the number of attendees, and on several other marketing tasks for a large legal conference.

Our sponsorship revenues increased 25% from the year before and she maintained a close and personal relationship with the sponsors who were very complimentary towards her.

She also was extensively involved with ratcheting up our social media presence through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites such as LinkedIn. She developed Facebook pages, Twitter tweets, and LinkedIn announcements.

She also was the organizer and provided the introductions for an online legal webinar that attracted over 125 participants.

In addition, she was instrumental in assisting in the design of the legal conference website, email announcements as well as the conference brochure.

She also reached out to member associations and others, including media organizations, and had them market to their members and readers.

All in all, our sponsorship revenues increased, as noted, over 25%, and the registration for the conference increased an additional 25%. She has laid the foundation for future growth of the conference and we value her input and persistence.

Overall, once you give Lori a task, she analyzes it and then presents you with various alternatives to find a way to accomplish it. Her personal passion for this area of business is a major plus for any organization that retains her services.

I am pleased to recommend Lori and her company, The Project Cheetah, for projects in these areas.”

~ Michael Arkfeld, Arkfeld & Associates
2016 ASU-Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Discovery Conference

             Mary Meston

“I had the pleasure of working with Lori as a member of the H.R. team at Chiron/Novartis. Lori was key to the effective coordination and administration of an active and dynamic department – meeting multiple demands on tight timeframes and with highly usable outcomes.

Lori is a joy to work with due to her positive and “can do” attitude despite challenging work and conditions. Moreover, she often took the initiative to resolve issues prior to their escalation and on her own volition – a very helpful attitude in any role or position.”

~ Mary Meston
Novartis Corporation

Nancy Slome

“Lori handled a range of assignments for us – all very successfully. She has very good communication and project management skills. Lori also picks up on things we’ve missed, and delivers the news professionally, which is always good when working directly with clients. She can also be counted on to update WordPress sites and happens to be a darn good copy editor and proofreader. One more plus: Lori will admit if + when she doesn’t know how to do something that she’s been asked to handle – or she’ll figure it out. That’s a rare commodity these days! Bottom line: She’s a real asset.”

                                                                                                                                       ~ Nancy Slome
1-to-1 Interactive

Raya Zion

I invited Lori to give a special workshop in resume writing and interviewing skills to my students in Skyline College [Pacifica, CA]. At the time, my students were dislocated airline workers transitioning into the biotech workforce.

[Lori] was approachable, thorough and supportive. She spent the day giving special attention to every student and reviewing each person’s work individually.

I would unquestionably recommend [Lori] to any project!! Her professionalism and patience make her a success.

~ Raya Zion
Workforce and Economic Development, Industry Engagement Consultant