As a Virtual Assistant I am a business owner who loves to help other business owners grow. But this love of serving other business owners is not the primary thing that jazzes me.

What jazzes me is what I can bring to the transformation of business practices, business quality, and business owners with all that I now am!

And I am the compilation of all of the skills I have ever learned, honed and perfected! I get to add value to peoples’ businesses and to raise the quality of business marketing, communication, internal processes! What a rush! So many things to bring to those who want to make a difference with their businesses!

I am the Software Expert, and when I say “expert”, I mean it.

I am the Copywriter whose skills rescue CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses from imprecise, unexciting, inauthentic presentations, speeches, webinars, website copy.

I am the Communicator who brings that personal-plus-professional touch to interactions with Sponsors, Affiliates, B2B contacts; the one who makes sure that your “contacts” have a far greater potential of being asting business relationships.

I am the Idea-Factory who brings not just one, but several, perspectives to the project at hand, offering the kinds of input that one would expect from a Partner, but not ordinarily from an “Assistant” of any kind. (Which is why I tend to call myself a Virtual Contractor. Words matter.) I get to surprise people with the depth and breadth of what I bring to the table!

Most importantly, I get to make a bigger difference because I am so in love with raising quality through creativity, integrity, authenticity and service, my joy supercharges my work, and stimulates my clients. I get to use my voice to bring my unique perspective and experience to those who need help in the short-term, and the long-run. I get to connect with CEO’s, entrepreneurs and small business owners who, like me, have a business Vision – people who want to bring their best to the world, and not only for money (and we all know how important money is), but for the betterment of others, and the satisfaction of doing business well.

This is fulfillment at its best. This is helping business to have an impact that goes beyond business.
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