I love learning. Love, love, love it! And when you add a massive desire to build a company, that can result in buying LOTS of programs and workshops that either don’t apply to what you are currently doing, or that are too expensive for your checkbook.

I was a victim of both. And because I was moving forward as fast as I could – or at least I thought I was moving forward as fast as I possibly could – I was unable to see the small steps that needed to be taken. I wanted the BIG answer, the BIG payoff.

I’m not alone in this, I know.

In fact, at one point in my time of relentless workshop attendance, I thought of writing an instructional paper for all workshop attendees, to save them from the overspending and inaccurate purchasing I was prone to at the hands of incredibly gifted marketers. I was going to call it, “The Workshop Survival Workshop”.

So what was it that stopped the flow of money from my pocket to multi-thousand-dollar bilkers with “THE answer” to your money woes, to your business woes, to your direction confusion?

I went broke. I couldn’t afford to keep doing what I was doing. And as I sat down and looked at where I was now in my life, I had to admit a few things:

  1. None of that crazy crap had worked!
  2. I had been reckless in purchasing out of hope, instead of from any kind of practical next-step approach.
  3. I had to slow the hell down, because I was missing “it”.

I finally had to admit it. I was missing “it” – that next step. In trying to fly, to skip, to sail over my troubles, I was missing the real solutions, and I was missing my real direction.

It was only when I stopped, and then dared to say to myself, “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing,” that I was willing to take a breath and wait to hear, see, intuit, understand that I had to stay stopped until the road opened in a grounded way before me.

And when I did that, I jettisoned listening to sales pitches. I stopped attending endless webinars and tussling with myself at the end about “should I or shouldn’t I?”, and “Will it help or won’t it?”

In spiritual terms, the languaging of this is, “You have all of the answers inside yourself.” In financial and business and personal terms, the languaging of this is, “Take it easy. And stop indiscriminately throwing your money at potential answers like workshops and how-to programs that promise you untold wealth. Trust that you can take a rational next step, and it will give you the confidence you have always wanted to have to become that person you have been striving to become.”