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your powerful marketing voice!

We increase your output, communication and focus with

WordPress, Copywriting, Editing and Webinar Trainings!

We help you build lasting, authentic client relationships…

We magnify your authentic business “voice” through Newsletters, Articles, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter


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It’s time to project your authentic voice, your message! It’s time to be noticed, and that’s exactly what we help you do.

Business owners often get trapped in working “in but not on” their businesses. For businesses with socially-conscious missions, time wasted in imprecise systems and unfocused marketing messages is particularly galling.

The Project Cheetah is a strategizer, marketer and planner for those systems, processes and goals that you know you need to address. We are your partner in bringing your message, in its authentic form, to your audience. 

We help you with your newsletters or sales pipelines (Infusionsoft, MailChimp), handling critical aspects of your large events, copywriting your marketing materials (newsletters, blogs and articles), or cleaning up your website (WordPress, Weebly) – we are your one-stop shop for getting you out of the business weeds of overwhelm. 

We bring 360-degree solutions to your complex projects

We clean up and maximize your CRM system

We update and upgrade your website

We create client-retaining newsletters 

Imagine how sleek your systems can be, how quickly you can move toward your goals, and how much worry can be alleviated with a professional to help you do those things that keep you bogged down. 

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“…Our sponsorship revenues increased over 25%, and the registration for the conference increased an additional 25%. She has laid the foundation for future growth of the conference and we value her input and persistence.”

Michael Arkfeld

eDiscovery Expert, Arkfeld & Assoc.